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Medications.center is a resource for prescription drug information. It is quite common for people to regularly take medicine to both treat disease as well as to improve your health. As we age some people need to take medications on a daily basis. Those who are younger only need to take medications periodically. Whatever the frequency of medication use applies to you, it is important to know what some of the most commonly experienced medication side effects are. Even safe medicines can cause unwanted interactions with food, alcohol, or other medicines you may be taking.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration is in charge of ensuring that your prescription and over-the-counter medicines are safe and effective, and even though they're suitably safe for consumption, taking any medicine is not without some level of risk. To reduce the risk of an adverse reaction it is important for you to take your medicines correctly.

On this site, we offer comprehensive information on the most commonly prescribed medications. We regularly review both prescription medication, over the counter (OTC) products, and naturopathic products. You will also find links to the CDC, the National Institutes of Health and other federal government agencies on this website.

We are constantly growing our database, so if the information you need isn't here today, it will be here very soon.