Common side effects of Methadone

Methadone is from a class of drugs called opioids. Originally, it was used to relieve pain, but now, it is used to help curb your addiction to narcotic painkillers or heroin.

Methadone is similar to morphine and is available in the form of a powder, tablet, or liquid. Though Methadone is comparatively better than other drugs, it should only be taken in the prescribed amounts. Make sure that your healthcare practitioner is aware of your dosage as taking Methadone can lead to addiction and abuse.

Injecting Methadone illegally can also increase the risk of other diseases like HIV. Methadone works by reducing withdrawal symptoms in people who have an addiction to narcotic painkillers or heroin without stimulating the ‘high’ usually linked to drug addiction.

This method of curbing drug addiction is called pharmacotherapy and helps people who are dependent on drug use, reducing the risk of drug abuse.  


How it works

Methadone helps you relieve pain by affecting the way your brain and nervous system react to the sensation of pain. It is similar to morphine but takes a longer time to take effect.

It helps to reduce withdrawal symptoms but blocks the high usually associated with the use of drugs like morphine, codeine, heroin, and hydrocodone. Methadone can be used to relieve pain resulting from an illness, injury, or surgery. Methadone also helps to curb an addiction to other drugs by replacing the drugs in your system with one that has a milder effect.

Methadone will not take effect immediately, and it may take at least a year to treat your addiction. You should visit the doctor for regular check-ups so that your doctor can keep track of any changes your body may experience as it adjusts to the use of Methadone.

Your doctor may also gradually decrease your dosage instead of stopping it completely to avoid any withdrawal symptoms.

Methadone is most effective when it is a part of a comprehensive treatment program. However, Methadone may not help everyone, so make sure that you consult your doctor before taking this medication.



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