Common Side Effects Of Morphine

Morphine is found in opium and is one of the most abundant analgesics (pain relieving) opiate. It is a very powerful narcotic and is a naturally occurring member that belongs to a large chemical group of compounds called alkaloids.

Opium, its precursor, comes from the extract obtained from the poppy seed.

Morphine is a potent analgesic and is known for its effective pain-relieving capabilities.

It is widely used in the medical field, specifically for relieving pain in patients with terminal cancers, after major traumas or injury, except head injury or after surgeries.

But sadly, morphine is a highly addictive drug, and physical dependence can easily develop that may lead to drug abuse. Furthermore, with its specific euphoric effect on the central nervous system, it is also used as a recreational drug, resulting in not only physical dependence, but its side effects also develop, resulting in ill health of the user.

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Common side effects of Motrin

The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, Motrin, is also known as ibuprofen. It works by decreasing hormones that generate inflammation and pain in the body.

It also blocks the body’s production of certain natural substances that are the cause of inflammation. This helps in lessening swelling, pain, and fever. Fever and conditions such as a headache, toothache, back pain, arthritis, menstrual cramps, and minor injuries that cause pain or inflammation can be treated by Motrin.

The medication is used in adults as well as children who are six months or older. The medication is a generic drug and is available both over the counter by prescription depending on the strength.

The medication should be used when it is needed and should not be used for a long-term basis since it could cause stomach bleeding and ulcers and may increase the chances of a stroke or heart attack. This medicine must regularly be taken as ordered by one’s doctor in order for it to give the maximum benefits.

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Common side effects of Mucinex

Mucinex is a medicine that is widely used to control problems due to breathing illnesses. Breathing illnesses can be any type of a respiratory disease that makes breathing troublesome and not smooth.

Mucinex is used to help provide relief from cough due to the common cold and flu. It may also help to reduce congestion in the chest due to cold, allergies, or any infection. This medicine may not be effective to treat persistent ongoing cough due to smoking or other severe respiratory issues such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis.

Mucinex is an expectorant drug and is a both, prescription drug as well as over the counter medicine. The generic name of Mucinex is Guaifenesin and is available under a variety of different brand names.

Although Mucinex may help in clearing congestion, it may not prove of much help to treat the cause of congestion itself.

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Common Side Effects Of Myrbetriq

A frequent urge of urination and urinary incontinence are symptoms of an overactive bladder. These convulsions in the urinary tract and bladder can be treated by a medication called Myrbetriq. It is the member of a class called Beta-3 Adrenergic Agonists.

In three 12-week studies and one twelve-month safety study, the effectiveness and security of Myrbetriq have been assessed. In the first several weeks, it assured that Myrbetriq was effectual in treating symptoms of OAB. When one’s bladder reserves urine, it causes a sudden urge to urinate; this is a problem of an overactive bladder. Frequent urination, sudden urges to urinate, or involuntary loss of urine, also known as incontinence, are some of the hard to control symptoms of an overactive bladder.

The detrusor is relaxed by the medication, which helps the bladder hold more urine. It is used as a monotherapy in adults to treat OAB, and by amalgamating it with solifenacin, it becomes a muscarinic antagonist. It is supplied in the form of Myrbetriq oral tablets ER.

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