Common side effects of Glyburide

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Glyburide is a drug which is used to control the amount of blood sugar in a person with diabetic problems. Glyburide is consumed along with proper diet and an exercising plan.

Glyburide consumption helps in controlling high blood sugar level in the blood which, in turn, helps in preventing any damage to the kidney, blindness, loss of limbs, nerve problems, and problems with sexual functionality. Glyburide consumption lessens the chances of a person having a heart attack or getting a stoke.



How does it work?

Normally, when we eat food containing glucose, our body releases insulin to digest the glucose and break it down into glycogen. People who cannot produce insulin in their body are recommended to use Glyburide; this drug stimulates the release of natural insulin in the body to decrease the amount of glucose in the body which helps in decreasing the blood sugar level.